Since 1971, Frazier Machine has built an outstanding reputation by meeting exacting requirements and production schedules, delivering superior products and anticipating customer needs.


26489 Southpoint Road
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
P 419.874.7321
F 419.874.1201

ISO 9001:2015
ANSI/ASQ/ISO Q9001:2008

Quality, accuracy and repeatability.


Frazier Machine & Production is a state-of-the-art center for precision machining and production serving the aerospace, glass, alternative energy, electronics and automotive industries. Our sister company, Kolva Custom Gauge, designs, constructs and certifies precision gauges for industrial and production use around the world.

    We specialize in:
  • Custom-machined parts production in quantities from one to 2,500
  • Custom gauge design, production, certification and testing
  • Prototype production
  • Light fabrication
  • Subassemblies

Our product is precision.

We custom-machine all the parts that go into custom gauges that check critical measurements as minute as 0002” – 20 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

That kind of precision is your assurance that Frazier Machine and Kolva Custom Gauge are the right choice