How We Are Implementing Automation at Frazier Machine

How We Are Implementing Automation at Frazier Machine featured image

Automation is rapidly changing the manufacturing landscape day by day. In fact, automation and robotics are expected to account for 25% of industrial companies capital expenditures within the next five years alone. At Frazier Machine, we recognize the changes that are being made in the manufacturing industry, and we are proud to be making the changes necessary to keep up with an ever-growing market.

We are happy to introduce our newest CNC Turn-Assist Series from Robojob. Thanks to Robojob’s capabilities, we have been able to increase production, decrease lead time, and uphold the standard of quality for our customers.

For more information on our capabilities and CNC expertise, please reach out to the Frazier team. We are happy to take a look at any RFQ’s you may have.

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At Frazier Machine, we specialize in custom-machined parts production in quantities from one to 2,500, custom gauge design, production, certification and testing, prototype production, light fabrication, and subassemblies.

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